Customized production, made-to-measure for greater convenience and safety.

Our slatted covers save energy and costs, conserve the environment and ensure crystal-clear water. If appropriately designed, they can also take the weight of a person in an emergency. Every Grando pool cover is manufactured individually by German craftsmanship – and we've been doing that for more than 50 years.

They are rugged, convenient, durable and easy to operate.
No folding, no pulling, no cranking – the press of a button is all it takes.


The sealing system:
a well-rounded concept

Our slats are sealed individually by our craftsmen in a special, multi-coat process.

This not only seals them durably over the long term, it also means that we can precisely adjust our slatted covers to any flowing, freely designed shapes and curves.

Fits perfectly. Looks great.