The IBS-6 is used primarily with new projects.

The roller system is let into the back wall of the pool above the bottom of the pool with a front panel of white PVC slats. Alternatively, it can be supplied for subsequent covering with tiles or plastic film by an external supplier.

The roller system is guided in the pit by guide rollers that are mounted on the pit cover.

Construction: Roller system let into the wall of the pool with a front panel. Because the water level is above the top of the pit, guide rollers are built into the cover pit
Installation: New construction
Maximum size: 25 m x 50 m (larger sizes depending on the pool shape). From a pool width of 12.50 m, we recommend a cover divided into two
Drive unit in separate motor pit: Drive unit mounted on the shaft or chain drive
Drive unit without motor pit: Tubular motor (not always possible, dependent on pool width and depth)
Cover slats: Standard slats 60 mm wide and 14 mm thick
Guidelines: Installation approved only for private pools