Type Mobile

The MOBILE type pool cover is particularly suitable for unconventional pool shapes.

The roller system and the brass guide rails for the mobile system are mounted on the edge of the pool and can be retrofitted to existing pools without problem.

The integrated mobile system (electrical or manual) allows the unit to be positioned in the middle of the pool so that the cover can be rolled up in both directions to cover as large an area of water as possible.

When the pool is open, the entire roller system can be easily pushed to the edge of the pool to ensure an unobstructed bathing experience. For reasons of stability, this design must have a frame structure
or paneling on three sides.


Construction: The entire roller system is mounted on rollers and can, when required, be moved manually or electrically on permanently mounted guide rails
Installation: New or subsequent fitting
Maximum size: 20 m x 8 m (larger sizes depending on pool shape).
Drive unit:
Drive unit mounted on the side
Cover slats: Standard slats 60 mm wide and 14 mm thick
Guidelines: Installation approved for private and public swimming pools