grando's Light slats have been developed specifically to meet the stringent demands made on swimming pool covers. It is a hollow, three-compartment rigid PVC slat 60 mm wide and 10 mm thick with a smooth, slightly curved surface. The Light slats are available in the colors white and blue.



grando Light-Slats

  • ⇒ are sealed by a special 3-layer sealing system to make them air and water-tight
  • ⇒ do not need any cap plugs for this reason, do not have any tiers with curved or oblique cuts
  • ⇒ are made of durable, highly resistant PVC
  • ⇒ comply with all hygiene standards (expert report)
  • ⇒ have excellent water drainage characteristics
  • ⇒ are manufactured according to your own design
  • ⇒ no sliding or twisting thanks to special locking mechanism



The ends of the slats are sealed with a  special 3-layer sealing system to make them air and water-tight.

To prevent the slats from slipping sideways, they are locked by means of a plastic brace and a stainless steel pin.

The sealing system – a well-rounded concept

Our slats are sealed individually by our craftsmen in a special, multi-coat process.

This not only seals them durably over the long term, it also means that we can precisely adjust our slatted covers to any flowing, freely designed shapes and curves.

Fits perfectly. Looks great.