IBS-1 is used primarily for retrofitting because no cover pit is necessary. In combination with a tubular motor, no motor pit is necessary either.

The roller system is mounted above the bottom of the pool and can be covered in a variety of ways. If desired, we can prepare it so that it can be easily covered with plastic film or tiles and thus optically matched to the pool.

Construction: Roller system mounted above the bottom of the pool
Installation: New and subsequent fitting
Maximum size: 25 m x 50 m (larger sizes depending on pool shape)
From a pool width of 12.50 m, we recommend a cover divided into two
Drive unit in separate motor pit: Drive unit mounted on the shaft or chain drive
Drive unit without motor pit: Tubular motor (not always possible, dependent on pool width and depth)
Cover slats: Standard slats 60 mm wide and 14 mm thick
Guidelines: Installation approved only for private pools